1: Simone Biles, decorated gymnast, revealed she and partner Jonathan Owens disagree on who's the superior athlete.

2: Biles, with multiple Olympic medals, faces off with Owens, a professional football player, in friendly debates.

3: The power couple challenges each other in playful banter over their athletic achievements and talents.

4: Biles and Owens showcase their competitive spirits by playfully arguing over who excels more in their respective sports.

5: Biles, known for her incredible gymnastic skills, debates with Owens, who thrives on the football field.

6: Their friendly debates only strengthen their bond as they support each other's successes and accomplishments.

7: Despite their disagreements, Biles and Owens share a deep admiration for each other's dedication and hard work.

8: Their shared love for sports fuels their competitive nature, making their relationship even more dynamic and exciting.

9: In the end, Biles and Owens may never agree on who's the better athlete, but their mutual respect and love remains unshaken.