1: Savor the flavors of summer with these 9 Mediterranean diet-friendly BBQ dishes.

2: Grilled zucchini stuffed with feta cheese and fresh herbs is a must-try.

3: Indulge in juicy grilled shrimp marinated in olive oil and lemon.

4: Whip up a refreshing Greek salad with grilled halloumi cheese.

5: Skewer up some flavorful chicken souvlaki with tzatziki sauce.

6: Enjoy charred eggplant with tahini and pomegranate molasses.

7: Grilled salmon with a honey-lime glaze is perfect for a summer BBQ.

8: Mediterranean-style lamb chops with garlic and rosemary are a crowd-pleaser.

9: Finish off your BBQ feast with grilled peaches drizzled with honey and cinnamon.