1: Country duo Walker County opens up about Nashville struggles in exclusive interview. "Losing ourselves as young girls was a difficult part of our journey," they reveal.

2: Sisters Ivy and Sophie Walker share their honest experiences in Music City. "We wanted to stay true to ourselves despite the challenges," they say.

3: The duo reflects on the pressures of the music industry in Nashville. "It was a learning process that helped us grow as artists," they admit.

4: Walker County's journey in Nashville was not always smooth sailing. "We had to navigate through tough times to find our authentic voices," they confess.

5: The sisters discuss the importance of staying grounded in a competitive industry. "We had to remind ourselves of our worth and values along the way," they explain.

6: Walker County reveals how they overcame obstacles and found success in Nashville. "We found strength in our bond as sisters and artists," they share.

7: The duo looks back on their early struggles and how they conquered them. "We never gave up on our dreams, no matter how challenging it got," they reflect.

8: Walker County's journey serves as inspiration for aspiring artists in Nashville. "We hope our story motivates others to stay true to themselves," they conclude.

9: The exclusive interview with Walker County sheds light on their Nashville journey. "We are grateful for the highs and lows that shaped us into the artists we are today," they ex

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