1: "Blue Blood" Season 14 finale leaves fans in shock as Tom Selleck's character faces tough decisions. CBS finally issues statement on the ending.

3: Tom Selleck's legendary portrayal in "Blue Blood" comes to an end in Season 14. CBS breaks silence on controversial finale.

4: The emotional conclusion of "Blue Blood" Season 14 leaves viewers on the edge. Tom Selleck's performance shines in the gripping finale.

5: As "Blue Blood" bids farewell after 14 seasons, Tom Selleck's legacy lives on. CBS addresses the fan reaction to the series finale.

6: Fans react to the unexpected twists in the "Blue Blood" Season 14 finale. Tom Selleck's character faces his toughest challenge yet.

7: "Blue Blood" Season 14 finale sparks heated debates among fans. Tom Selleck's iconic role comes to a dramatic close.

8: The final episode of "Blue Blood" Season 14 stirs mixed emotions among viewers. CBS responds to the intense finale backlash.

9: Tom Selleck's remarkable journey in "Blue Blood" reaches a bittersweet end in Season 14. CBS addresses the controversy surrounding the series finale.


Fans are divided as "Blue Blood" wraps up its fourteenth season. Tom Selleck's character faces a major cliffhanger in the finale.