8 Romantic Activities for Couples in ParisPlusMultiple Blue RingsBlue RingsArrow

Seine River CruiseEmbark on a romantic cruise along the Seine River, admiring iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral illuminated against the night sky.Plus

Picnic in LuxembourgEnjoy a leisurely picnic in the picturesque Luxembourg Gardens, surrounded by lush greenery and serene fountains, perfect for a romantic afternoon.PlusMultiple

Sunset at MontmartreWitness the breathtaking sunset from the hill of Montmartre, overlooking the cityscape with your loved one, followed by a stroll through charming cobblestone st

Couples Spa RetreatRelax and rejuvenate together with a couples spa retreat, indulging in luxurious treatments and massages in a tranquil Parisian spa setting.PlusMultiple Blue Rin

Couples Cooking ClassTake a couples cooking class together, learning the art of French cuisine from expert chefs and creating delicious dishes to enjoy in a romantic dinner for two

Private Museum TourExplore Paris' world-class museums with a private guided tour tailored for couples, immersing yourselves in art, culture, and history while avoiding the crowds.P

Romantic Dinner CruiseDine in style aboard a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine River, savoring gourmet French cuisine and Champagne as you glide past illuminated landmarks.PlusMu

Hot Air Balloon RideSoar above the city in a hot air balloon ride, sharing unforgettable views of Paris with your partner as you drift across the skyline, creating lasting memories