1: Discover unique potato salad recipes from around the world.

2: German kartoffelsalat features bacon and vinegar for a tangy twist.

3: Japanese potato salad is creamy with a touch of kewpie mayo.

4: Try Spanish ensaladilla rusa with tuna, peas, and olives for a Mediterranean flair.

5: Indian aloo chaat combines potatoes with spices and chutneys for a flavorful dish.

6: French salade niçoise includes potatoes, green beans, and olives for a hearty salad.

7: Mexican papas con crema features a creamy, cheesy dressing for a comforting dish.

8: Peruvian causa rellena layers mashed potatoes with avocado and chicken for a unique dish.

9: Greek potato salad with feta, olives, and fresh herbs is a refreshing choice for summer.

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